Back-To-School: Encouraging Your Kids

Back-To-School: Encouraging Your Kids

It's the start of August, which means time to get back into the school mode. For some kids, the change in teachers, new friends, and new grade can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many ways we can encourage our children to make the most of the start of a new school year. Here are four simple ways to recognize your kids as they head back to the classroom.


  1. Recognize them for their “summer homework”. One of the biggest challenges of getting back into a school routine is the start of homework. Help make this transition a little easier by assignment “homework” a few weeks before school starts. This could be anything from doing some extra chores around the house, completing a few math puzzles or, for older students, finishing up their summer reading. Celebrating their accomplishments can help them feel better about starting a new school year and recognizing their hard work can be as simple as taking them out for ice cream.

  2. Help them make a list of back-to-school goals: This activity is great for any age. Sitting down with your kids before the start of a new school year and helping them figure things they want to accomplish can be help you both understand their vision for the new year. For some, it can be as simple as making a new friend that week or consistently following a study schedule. Pay attention to see if they are achieving their goals, and once they do, recognize them for the effort they made.

  3. Write them a note of encouragement: Everyone appreciates a handwritten note, but it’s appreciated even more during times of change and uncertainty. Slip an encouraging note into their lunch or backpack that they can pull out and read during the day. It will give them the confidence boost they need to succeed!

  4. Make their first day special: The first day back to school is always the most nerve-wracking for everyone. Make sure your child has a great day by serving up their favorite breakfast or by sneaking a treat into their lunch. This little boost will make them remember their first day back as a happy memory.