4 Ways to Say Thank You to Our Community Helpers

Ways to Say Thank You to Our Community Helpers

Nurses, police officers, mail carriers… these are just a few of the professionals that help make sure our cities are safe, informed, and running smoothly. They do a lot for our communities, and what better time than the summer to say thank you for all that they do. Here are a few ideas that even the kids can get involved in to make sure our community helpers get the recognition they deserve!

  1. Fuel on the go. If there is one thing we know about summer, it’s that it is hot, which makes it easier to become dehydrated and run-down. The next time you catch your mail carrier or community sanitation worker, stop them and offer some water and a snack. This simple act of kindness can go a long way and show them that you care about the hard work they put in to make our community run smoothly.

  2. Food is always appreciated. Police officers and firefighters work hard to make sure that our community is save. Stop by your local station with some sandwiches or special treats as a thoughtful way to say thank you. Make sure you call ahead to let them know you want to stop by, and you can also ask how many people are in the office so you come prepared.

  3. Bring flowers. Medical professionals like nurses and doctors are used to seeing flowers in the hospital, but most of the time they are brought in for patients. Bringing in a bouquet of flowers for the reception desk is a great way to brighten anyone’s day. This could also work for your doctor and dentist offices too.

  4.  Write it out.  Sometimes there is no better way to say thank you than through a handwritten note. Maybe there is a person in your community who goes above and beyond at their job. Writing a thank you note is a great way to let them know that their hard work is recognized.